ETHICAL, ECOLOGICAL, UNIQUE. When high-end design brands turn to traditional crafts
Authentic and unique, it is easy to understand the allure of handcraftedobjects created far from mass-production assembly lines. Thus environmentally sustainable, they stand out for their high quality and attention to detail, perfect for those seeking originality with a flair for
tradition. Optimised by modern techniques, handcrafted puts wonder into design.
Whether it’s Himalayan wool from Tibetan highland sheep, pure silks and others made of bambooand banana, Tencel fabric or even mohair wool from Angora goats, the materials in cc-tapis rugs are handspun by expert Tibetan artisans in Nepal. Industrial machinery, acids,
chemicals or glues are absent from the cc-tapis universe, products of knowledge handed down from generation to generation. THE EXQUISITE objects of the Zanat family prove that even the most elaborate ideas can become a reality. Collaborating with visionary designers, the masters of woodworking at Zanat rule the furniture-making business with techniques rooted in Konjic tradition as recognised by UNESCO on their list of Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity.The ability of light to transform a space is a matter of the utmost importance. Bomma is well aware of this power, and to harness it, they rely on a combination of outstanding craftsmanship and contemporary design. From smaller pieces to lantern installations, the handcrafted-sculptural lighting creates unique moods in every space,
becoming centrepieces.
The down-to-earth artisan furniture and lighting designs of Milla & Milli come from Croatian woods sourced from trees over 80 years old, advocating for artists
who work with wood and other natural materials. In keeping with sustainability, the company plants a tree and names it after the customer for every purchase made. The carpets of Armani Casa are known for their symmetry and harmony, often with three-dimensional effects. Unique and hand-knotted, the rugs boast a stunning level of detail achieved using a complex production process.
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