Shipping methods & Charges

For delivery of your order in Greece or abroad cooperate with the courier company TNT, FIS and ELTA . ( items with a small volume and dimensions)

For shipments abroad, high-volume products, the transfer will incur a shipping company, and cost information will become the next day of the order. For shipments of products abroad, the cost of transportation will become the next day of the order.

For shipments in the Attica region, there is the possibility of delivery by our truck. In this case the transfer is free only for bulky items.

For shipments outside Attica are delivered via courier or transport company.

If you need transportation company, we transfer to the carrier of your choice for free.

The charge transport to the delivery address be borne by the consignee unless orders over 300 Euros , for which transport costs are free.

* Our company can recommend transport companies or give you transportation costs cooperating with courier companies, on your demand.

The charge transfer is and always calculated in the block.

There is also the possibility to deliver your order to a different address - this order as a gift (with the appropriate calculation of transport if required).

If delivery is to a country outside the EU requires clearance so the final amount of your order will be calculated accordingly, and customs clearance cost.

Can I pick myself?

There is the possibility of receiving the products from our site, with your own vehicle.
In this case we should be made ​​promptly 2 days ago, so we have yourorder ready for pickup from our headquarters on the day and time that will define us .

(Open daily 9:00 to 17:00 except Saturdays)