Shipment delays

Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

  • The product has been delayed to be delivered from our supplier

To be able to send your special order, we order our products from a vast range of international suppliers. But, there are cases where an order we may be 'stuck' at the office or in the carriage amd as a result we don’t have it in store when we count. In such case, we will contact you to ask if you want to deliver your order without this product.
This item will be sent it to you immediately upon receipt in our warehouse

  • The product you ordered has been discontinued and is not available

Among the products that we display in our shop there are cases where the supplier suddenly and unexpectedly announces that repeals. In this case, one of our staff members will contact you to give you all the alternatives

  • In times of extreme weather conditions or strikes, and in any event of force majeure, which may affect the transport and delivery of your order
  • If it is impossible to contact you by telephone and / or e-mail (if a problem occurs on your order, or in relation to the product or in relation to the payment of ) because e.g. . The data you entered in the member’s area is not properly updated.