The Sarah Lavoine touch


A master in combining refinement with modernity and known for the originality of her creations, her careful choice of materials and thorough knowledge, Sarah Lavoine remains one of the most innovative faces in design. Her colorful universe is revealed to Anastasia Kamvysi


Ιnterni: What elements formed you as a designer?
Sarah Lavoine: I have always been surrounded by people who love beauty in things. My father was the director of a fashion magazine, and my mother was an interior designer. I experienced many different activities, travelled a lot and realised the importance of having a sanctuary in a hectic life. When I created Maison Sarah Lavoine, I wanted to build these cocoons – these spaces for others. Above all, the feeling of ‘home’ is at the centre of my brand.

Ι.: In Maison Lavoine, craftsmanship meets perfectionism meets passion. Is passion a risky element? Has it driven you to bold decisions?
S.L.: Passion is a risk but a necessary one. By making bold decisions, you reveal your potential and creativity. I have always followed my instincts, which help me define my style.

Ι.: We are in awe of your new collection, Singuliers. What lies at its heart; what was your inspiration?
S.L.: Singuliers pays tribute to the artists of the 1960s and ‘70s. Dani, Nico, Loulou and Twiggy marked this period. Incorporating their names was a nod to them. This project is particularly dear to my heart because it goes back to the roots of my work as an interior designer. I wanted this collection, which was initially conceived as an architectural project,
to be warm and enveloping. It is unique because all the pieces were designed by people with an eye for the ensemblier – like me.

“Singuliers pays tribute to the artists of the 1960s and ‘70s. Dani, Nico, Loulou and Twiggy marked this period. Incorporating their names was a nod to them”

Ι.: In your house, what is your favourite room?
S.L.: The kitchen, a lively place where we share meals and tell our stories, is the best place to get together. Mine is very colourful and puts you in a good mood!

Ι.: What music do you listen to when working and relaxing?
S.L.: I love Fleetwood Mac; their music gives me energy. Another favourite is Hélène by Philippe Sarde, a song performed by Romy Schneider and Michel Piccoli in the film Les Choses De La Vie.

Ι.: What are you looking for when travelling?
S.L.: I travel to recharge my batteries. I often return to the same places
– cocoons that help me take time
for myself. I love my cabin in Cap Ferret. I frequently go to Marrakech, choosing hotels for the experiences they offer. Beldi Country Club and Le Berbère Lodge are amongst my other favourites.

Ι.: What is your next dream project?
S.L.: Creating a hotel would be the highlight of my career.



(The interview is published in Interni Magalogue, A Moda Bagno Project, Vol 3)