Modern Times

A family home, honouring the beauty of simplicity designed by architect
Aris Konstantinidis and revisited by Fania Sinaniotou, co-founder of Vois Architects.


The quote “I believe in dreams, not fantasy” sums up the life and work of famed architect Aris Konstantinidis, the father of Greek architectural modernism. And this residence, located in the northern suburbs of Athens, is like a dream. 

Appearing as it has “sprung” from the ground, the house, built in 1974, is nestled among wildly beautiful Mediterranean trees and flora, creating the sense of being in the woods. Stone walls and a stone structure supporting bare concrete showcase Konstantinidis’ architectural philosophy, revealing its structural logic without any embellishment. 

Open spaces, an abundance of natural light and wide views enhance the dialogue with the unspoiled environment, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a liberating feeling.

“I discover a different view every day,” says hostess Fania Sinaniotou, architect and co-founder of Vois, an architectural firm with an impressive portfolio of projects throughout Greece. “You feel like you are in a country house, which is at the same time efficiently urban.”

 Like a blank canvas, the house is meant to be transformed according to the wishes, style and way of living of the people inhabiting it. The lighting, interior design and decorative elements are in perfect harmony with the architecture, featuring gallery spots and a few, carefully selected pieces of furniture, special objects and works of art. 

“I feel that every piece can have its place here as long as it has a design value that is placed and combined in a way that allows the space to breathe,” the architect explains. After all this is a house that is never final or completed. It is meant to evolve with time and flower again and again into daily perfection”. 

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