An undyed mood

CC – tapis iconic rugs are reinterpreted in undyed materials


Lunar Addiction, Studiopepe, cc-tapis

CC-tapis dives into the rich world of natural materials for the new Undyed mood collection. Since the inception of cc-tapis, the brand has been exploring and working with undyed fibres, developing rugs, samples and material combinations.

Xequer, Martino Gamper, cc-tapis


Bliss Big Ultimate, Mae Engelgeer, cc-tapis

Collections like Inventory by Faye Toogood, presented in 2016, the Ultimate Bliss by Mae Engelgeer, Fuga by Cristiàn Mohaded and the Oldie collection are amongst a handful of rugs which have been transformed by the exploration of undyed materials.

Euphorbia Curly-Wurly, Bethan Laura Wood, cc-tapis

COVER PHOTO: Bliss Big Ultimate, Mae Engelgeer, cc-tapis

Credits: Jonas Bjerre Poulsen